Nikon 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 Nikkor 1

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This lens with a retractable lens mechanism comes in a compact-size, allowing you to carry it easily to capture scenes from your daily life. Whether in wide or tele, you can shoot the subject in crisp sharp images.

Key Features

  • CX-format compatible, standard 2.7x zoom lens with a focal-length range of 11-27.5 mm (angle of view is equivalent to focal-length range of 30-74 mm lens in 35mm [135] format)
  • Optical design optimized for Nikon CX format employs one ED glass element and one aspherical lens element
  • Zoom ring operation turns the camera power on/off (power off: not available with J1/V1)
    • Rotating the zoom ring turns power on
    • Retracting the lens turns power off [NEW]
  • Compared to 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6, it is lighter by approx. 32 g (approx. 28%) and shorter by approx. 11 mm (approx. 26%)
  • Retractable lens mechanism improves portability
  • Exterior styling designed to emphasize the compactness
  • High-texture external design emphasizes high performance and high quality
  • The lenses are available in 6 different colors.

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